Hypnosis training, coaching and consulting

Personal and Professional Development

Perceptioneering Seminars

Overcome your obstacles to success in life and learn advanced skills usually only taught to the elite. Various dates and locations available. Event Page >> Call for details 805-328-3736

Become a Hypnotist

Develop a phenomenal career in hypnosis! Limited number of students accepted.  One-on-one and group classes offered. Call today to find out if you can be accepted into the The Master Hypnotist Society training program. 805-328-3736

Hypno Yoga® Certification

Are you a yoga teacher looking to add more skills to your healing work? Do you want to make extra income? You can become certified in Hypno Yoga ®

This kind of healing modality is not for everyone. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find out if you can be accepted as a student. Yoga Teacher certification is a required prerequisite.

Call now 805-328-3736

Find your passion and make a difference

Personal Coaching Mentorship

What is holding you back in your life and career? Chances are you don’t really know for sure. Everyone needs wise feedback in their lives, but not everyone wants it or knows where to get it. Going inside yourself for the answer just creates more of you. If you want wise, experience-based coaching call us now to determine if a mentorship is right for you. 805-328-3736

Sales Training

Gain the ability to deeply understand your clients to better help them find solutions that you offer. Ethical influence through Neurolinguistic Programming. In order to be accepted as a student, we require highest level of integrity and ethics. Call for a consultation 805-328-3736

Corporate Speaking & Training

If you’re tired of the same boring corporate training sessions and events you might want to try Los Angeles’s best Hypnosis training and entertainment for your company or organization. Magic, Stage Illusions, Closeup Magic, Comedy & Hypnosis will entertain and keep the audience engaged while they learn excellence and success in business.  We will help you to reach your organization’s interpersonal, professional and business development goals in a fun environment.

“Very good presentation and good to inform more people of healthy ways to deal with life issues.” -Alyse Hogland

“Great speaker! Spoke at a level everyone can relate.” -Barbara Payton

“Informative.” – Terry Marvin

“I would have liked to have had more time for your presentation” -Darryl Nind

Call Now to determine if this is right for your organization 805-328-3736

Call to find out how we can help solve your professional or personal issues through our customized training.

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What our students and clients have to say

  • “We only had 30 minutes of Kellie’s time (because our club meetings are scheduled for only 1 hour) and she was able to consolidate her message in a way that was not only concise but incredibly valuable to the members.  Her ability to help you change your thinking about how to approach and connect with others, how to truly empathize and create opportunity was tremendously valuable as new members learn how to communicate our clubs mission.  The only thing I wish is we had is more time, will try and get her back again at a later date to see how we progressed.”

    Jean Chadwick Founder of the world’s first Kiwanis Literacy Club
  • “Kellie’s training gave me the tools I need to understand myself and others. Being more aware, more confident, motivated and without fear is the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. I look forward to how this will improve my business as well as my personal relationships. I would recommend this to anyone. I am truly grateful!”

    Lara CPA

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Our office is located in Simi Valley, CA. You can also schedule appointments in Los Angeles at our recently opened office in Burbank, CA.

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